Photo by Roosevelt Mansfield

Mad Van Antiques wasn’t part of the plan. Hell, there wasn’t even a plan.

The drive to find these items was always there. The big world out there full of interesting stuff and the sound of the tick tock clock.

The scenic routes. The zig when I should zag. The backpack on the motorcycle. The hazards flashing with an open hatchback.

People talk of the search for the angles, the lines, the design, the look. I get cold-clocked. I trip in my tracks. Sometimes wide-eyed. Sometimes confused. Always haunted.

The rest of the story was a surprise. Passing the baton. Knowing others see and appreciate the items that got their hooks in me. Mad Van is a welcome link in the rusty chain.

But I digress. Thanks for taking a look around. If you have any questions or want to visit the showroom, please contact us,

  • Call or Text:  612-314-3354
  • Email: ben@madvanantiques.com
  • Address:  
    713 Minnehaha Ave East, Suite 306
    St. Paul, MN 55106

Always take the long way home.